Fishing in Different Forms

The Madal Fisherman

P. Anthonis Nonis, a retired fisherman of the area brings to our attention the fact that as the population has increased there are more fisherman and more boats. This has a negative impact on the Madal fisherman. Because all these boats put down their nets and catch fish in deeper waters, therefore the fish do not have a chance to reach the shallower waters as Madal fishing is only permitted within a 1.5 Km distance from the shore. Another issue is that some fishermen have begun to use tractors to haul their Madal nets. This deprives the small time fishermen, who has no proper source of income. The only way they used to earn money was by helping to pull these Madal nets.

Skipper of deep sea multi-day trawler

Fisherman have advanced from the small boats, many use trawlers now. They catch their fish in deeper seas, some go even as far as the Somalian border. Some of these trawlers contain high class technology such as satellites. Most of these Satellites are chart satellites and they have the capability of showing country borders. The fisheries ministry can then monitor all the boats that go out and issue out warnings to any that stray from the border. If fisherman ignore these warnings, they will be fined as a result.
Fisherman in Madapalama (Squid hunting methods)

Here the fisherman hold a battery operated light, and a radium bait is held against the light so that the bait becomes luminous. This bait is then dropped to the bottom of the ocean floor, and it is quickly hauled up. This attracts about 15 – 20 squid at once, and these squid are then caught and hauled in using fishing rods and hooks.
Leisure Fishing

Then you get those who fish as a hobby rather than a method of income. These people mostly do other jobs. They come to the bridge during the weekends and set out their rods, and enjoy a pleasant of fishing!


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