A Toot for TAB

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The Colombo Gospel Tabernacle (TAB) in Wellawatte had a Christmas project on the 10th of December at the Church hall. They had organised breakfast for the 141 route bus drivers and conductors, who generally take a breakfast break at the top of Manning Place close to the Church.

28 Dec 2016 0 comment

The TAB decided to give them a good healthy tasty home cooked meal supplied by the members of their congregation, in contrast to the kade meal they generally have. The drivers and conductors arrived for their meal in batches of twos and threes from 8.00 a.m onwards till 11.00 a.m.

The church must be admired for the thought behind the project for it was not only just giving them the food but the way in which they served them. The drivers and conductors were treated with care and respect and even given gifts. All the bus drivers gave a toot for TAB as they passed by after the meal, showing their appreciation of this true Christmas spirit.