Interview with Southern Students from the Jaffna University

Melaka, Sachchini, and Pasandi, are students from the South who attend the University of Jaffna. They reside in a Hostel in Jaffna on the Weekdays, and travel 397.8 Km to Colombo every weekend to see their families.

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When Melaka got offered a place at the Jaffna University, her parents were very hesitant to let her attend University so far away from home. But she took matters into her own hands and decided to take the plunge and experience something new.

Likewise, for Sachchini moving to Jaffna was like stepping into a new World, as she was so used to the urbanized culture of Colombo.

The Jaffna University was the only University Pasandi got accepted to, when she applied for a BCom degree. Since moving there she has made many friends, and has also learned to speak the language.