Sarigama Premiere

The much-awaited musical, “Sarigama”, an adaptation of the classic ‘The Sound of Music’ was released in the cinemas on the 2nd of December. The movie premiered at the National Film cooperation of Sri Lanka, bringing stars, critics and the media to the venue on the 30th of November. (Scroll down to view video).

Renown Director Somaratne Dissanayake and Producer Renuka Balasooriya rendered a warm welcome to the artists and VIPs walking up the red carpet. Award winning actress Malini Fonseka, Lead role player Ashan Dias and many more stars of the Sinhala Film Industry were present to witness the unfolding of a unique production.

‘Sarigama’, being made with the crew whose last film ‘Siri Parakum’ had the highest ticket sales in the history of Sinhala cinema, and the plot of the movie being adapted from a feature that touched the hearts of many, needless to say, the expectations of the audience was very high.

From teary eyes, to satisfied smiles, the end of the premier brought along many positive reviews. The Sinhala twist to the story was much appreciated and it was visible that the audience were able to connect with the storyline. Nevertheless, the main roles and the songs in the film were what took this production to a different level.

Not- to forget the 7 child actors, who said that the entire project was a great experience that taught them much more than just acting. They learnt to coordinate with their co-artists and most importantly, enjoyed their time with the cast and crew.

One of the critics stated that this film should not be compared with the Hollywood classic. “Every industry has its strengths and weaknesses, it is better to have a clear mind with no comparisons when watching Sarigama” she said.

With complete digitalization, the film has already broken the norms in the technical aspects of the Sinhala film Industry and we wait to see the reactions from the general public for this new experiment.