Danu at WINGS Festival: A Taste of Harmony

Danu Innasithamby, who has a column in the Life section of the Daily Mirror titled WTF, visited the WINGS festival ‘A Taste of Harmony: Food Fair’ held on the 11th to the 13th November, at the Greenpath in Colombo. (Scroll down to view video).

The article said, celebration of Art not only contributed to reconciliation but also brought citizens of different diversities and beliefs together by the diverse cuisines from around the country, showcased in one culinary fair with over a 100 stalls. Along with food from different ethnicities, there were the very popular Colombo stalls to add more to the fair, from Monique’s Cakes and Desserts, to the Flow Health Bar, as well as stalls that sold papadam and Samaposha made using carrots and beetroots. Danu writes “…it’s the only way you can bridge any broken wounds; it was great to see the country unite as one and enjoy the flavors at one dining table.”